Hello TKT Candidates

Welcome! You have passed the test with flying colors, and now the accountants in the office are ready to give you a payment slip. Please pass with Lupita or Janet in the Office in the Languages Department in CU for your “ficha de pago.”

They are there from 8am-3pm. If you cannot return from the bank before 3:00pm, then Hugo (also in the Languages Office) can receive your payment bank slip.

Please make a copy of the bank deposit slip for your records before you give it to the office. You will be asked to bring in a photograph (infantil), and a copy of the highest level of English you have taken. If this is high school in the US, then a copy of your high school diploma is fine.

Your anthology will be in Master Copy, located on Avenida Universidad and Dinamarca, at the entrance to the parking lot. Make sure you have a copy of the anthology for the first day of class.

The TKT books will be on sale at the Language Department the first day of class.
If you have any questions, send me an email or a Whatsapp and I can help you out.

I am looking forward to working with you.

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Registration for the TKT course

For registration for the TKT course, you do not need to form in the long line.
Go the door of room 20 and tell the person in charge of the door that you would like to pass with Jannet to get your “orden de pago” from her directly.
Do not get in the long line!
Jannet has the list of people who came to the informational meeting and will give you the orden de pago.
This course needs a minimum of 10 people who have paid by next Friday, August 22, without our quorum, the class will close.

Once you have made your payment, bring in
1. the receipt from the bank payment (but first make a copy for your records….You can leave the copy in the office and hold onto the receipt for first day of class.
2. a foto (tamaño infantil) color or B/W for your future diploma
3. a copy of the certificate of the highest level you have reached in English.

Bring these documents to Cuiteli, the office manager in the office who is closest to the Director’s office. You will not be formally registered until you bring in these documents.

Remember that for those who are interested in receiving help in starting their own blog, we are having a blogging session this Friday at Cafe Lungo, which is located on Avenida Universidad across the street from the church at 5pm. It is suggested that you read the TKT blog first and look at all of the links related to creating your blog first (Teacher Challenge)

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Welcome: sign up and personalize your blog

Hello TKT Candidates.
As you settle into your blogs and collect your materials for class, I’d like to ask you to go farther than you imagined. Take your blog to the next level.
Those of you who have personalized your welcome post and eliminated the preset comment are on their way. The next step is to tell a little about yourself on the preset page.

On WordPress blogs this is a tag at the top named About. On Edublogs this is also a tag at the top. Since one of the first tasks we will do with the blog will be using the About sections, this step is important.
Those adventurers who would like to optimize your blogs can continue following the steps in the Teacher Challenge instructions. The more you do now the better set you will be for class. Learn how to upload photos, videos, and link to articles. Learn how to develop your learning community through your blog roll. Look at other people’s blogs and get to know them.

I know that for some this is a steep learning curve. It will be worth it in the end as we flatten our classroom walls and learn different ways to teach.
Most importantly, don’t stress out and have fun!


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Life after TKT

You might be wondering “What will I do now with what I have learned? As you know, TKT is merely the beginning of the path of professional development as a teacher. Now that you know a little more than before, you can open yourself up to the wide range of possibilities. For a beginning, you will be getting a personal email from Ellen when your constancias for the course are ready.

Mextesol NATIONAL CONVENTION, Regional Conventions and Academic Days
Meet teachers, see old friends and make new contacts. Associate yourself with the largest Association of Mexican Teachers of English to Speakers of other Languages in Mexico. For information about the event, look at http://www.mextesol.org.mx/?modulo=convenciones

What else?
-Keep subscribed on the blog and seek your own professional development. There is always a Teacher Blogging Challenge going on at Edublogs. You can form your international PLN and share with other blogging teachers.

-You might want to subscribe to different teaching forums, e-magazines, or groups on Twitter which address your special circumstances as an EFL teacher. Use the hashtags to find your interest groups.
-If you would like to practice English, there are many opportunities on line at IT4ALL http://www.integrating-technology.org. This site is run by Dr. Nellie Deutsch and offers something for everyone.
-Stay connected through the your blogs with the people you met in class. You have the makings of a great interconnected professional network. Subscribe to each others blog and maintain in contact.

I wish you good luck in all you do.

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Meet Up! Conversation Clubs

What a great way to maintain your English level all summer while you cool out from a heavy semester. Twice a week, fun, fascinating topics, different conversation coaches to work with, and it’s affordable!

Meet Up is a series of conversation clubs designed to help you maintain and improve your English level while you learn strategies which will help you speak in every situation.

Meet Ups are available in Centro Eva, and have started for the summer. Our first Meet Up meets on Mondays and Wednesdays from 6 – 7:30. Join us, spend some time with your English, and keep active.

Centro Eva is located on Calzada Juarez one block south of the Oxxo, right across from the water buffaloes in the zoo. If you would like more information about our prices and times, just leave a message in a comment to this post. We will get back to you.

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10 Things you can do this summer to be a better teacher

1. Visit the art galleries in your city. You’ve been meaning to do that anyway….

2. Read a book in English. This is a great way to keep your English level up.

3. Become a connected educator. You can finally polish the things you have been meaning to on your own blog. Publish some new posts.

4. Take some time off to look at the clouds, walk through nature, people-watch, laugh with the clowns, and enjoy life.

5. Smile. This semester has been a long haul, so smile, you are almost finished.

6. Clean out your schoolbag. You know you have been putting THAT off for a long while.

7. Take a course.

8. Share your wonderful experience.

9. Tell someone the news in number 10.

10. “TKT Course with Active Learning Strategies” is being offered this summer through CEDEPROM. This course is for SEP teachers who need points “escalafonarios,” for teachers interested in improving their teaching, keeping up to date with the latest methodologies, and for improving their English level. More specific information is below.TKT.posterIf you have any questions, just call 443 102 4808.

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New Opportunity for English teachers: Aula Compartida!

If you are giving private classes and need a professional-looking space with all the accoutrements of a classroom (bank of computers, whiteboard, markers, desks, good lighting an great location, then Centro Eva  is offering to share its space with you.

Just leave a comment on this post and we will return your inquiry about how it works.

Many hours are open to your use during the day, so

Upgrade your classes

Get professional

Make your classes count.



Teacher’s Day….What are you celebrating this year?

This year, I would like to celebrate one of my mentors. Her energy, enthusiasm, optimism, knowledge, and ready smile make anything that you do with her a lifelong learning experience. From taking just some of her many online courses, I have learned so much and been able to help other people learn as well.

Please visit her blog at http://blog.wiziq.com/teachers-substance-celebrate-teachers-day/

Or her Web page where she offers so many courses that you won’t know where to start…


Thank you Nellie Deutsch for all of the learning opportunities.

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Authentic materials with beginners: Charlene Polio

See on Scoop.itI can do this, even with technology.

Ellen Graber‘s insight:

This gives some good ideas to modify authentic materials so even beginners can use the ‘real thing’.

See on clear.msu.edu

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Welcome to the TKT Course

You made it! You are about to embark on a journey that will help you be not just a well-prepared teacher to take the TKT exams, but also a great teacher with lots of tricks, tools and toys up his or her sleeve.

Welcome to the TKT Preparation Course I am very excited about starting a fresh semester with you.

TKT is a course and test about teaching English to speakers of other languages. In this course, you will not only be learning strategies to help you pass the test but you will also discover strategies, techniques and methods to improve your teaching.
You might end up shaking your foundations and at the very least, breaking your own traditions to let some new ones in.

Subscribe to the blog for any new posts or pages. In order to grow with this course you must participate in the post forums in an active and substantial manner. Please read the page Blogging Guidelines, located in a tab at the top of this page for details on how to post.

Substantial= 75 words initial post with minimum amount of grammar and spelling mistakes. 25 words minimum to reply to someone. Posting,”Good job!” will not make it here.

Special Requirements:
80% attendance to class session (presencial)
100% self-discovery work, essays, posts, and assignments, online or offline….you must embark on your learning journey
80% GPA on the three exams

As part of the class you will create your own blog which you will use in this class as your interconnected b-portfolio. Two blog spaces are recommended: WordPress.com or Edublogs.org with my preference being Wrodpress. Both sites will walk you through the set up process. Set up your blog before class starts; you may use the link on the right of this page entitled Teacher Challenge; this is a step-by-step procedural to help you set up your blog.

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