Centro Eva to host second stage of professional development diploma course

Centro Eva will host the second stage of professional development and preparation for the TKT exam. If you know of anyone who has already taken the TKT exam, but would like to increase their effectivity and shine as an English Language Teacher, then this course could answer their needs. Any veteran or new teacher is welcome and guaranteed to learn valuable active teaching skills.

During the second stage, we will cover lesson planning, teaching resources and how to incorporate them seamlessly into your teaching, and classroom management. We will look into blended, learning, flipped classrooms, and self-access centers as well.

Start date: February 13. Saturdays from 8-1
Finish date: June 25
Cost: send an inbox and details will be discussed privately.
This course is supported by UNEDEPROM, the Commission Mixta� Estatal de Escalafon, and CEDPROM I.


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Job offer available

Once again, through the TKT course taken with me, you have access to work opportunities. Here is another opportunity available for English teachers:

The Varmond school is looking for an English teacher. If you like a dynamic, technologically-active, forward thinking school environment, then this school could be for you. They are looking for a teacher with the following characteristics:
1. Native speaker (preferably).
2. Fluent in English (intonation and accent).
3. Cambridge Exams oriented (KET,PET,FCE).
4. Great working attitude.
5. Full time position (Mon-Fri).
6. Teaching experience (junior High)

Here is the contact information:
contact email: alicia.castro.loustalot@gmail.com

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Still studying the old-fashioned way?

Get active! Use interactive games.

I’d like to share another great site with you to help you making quizzes and games that we can share with the world. Here is a one-question game I just made to show you how this works. Have fun, and keep studying.


Sandra has been posting many useful quizzes for your use. Together, united, interactive, our effect reaches farther.

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Hello TKT Candidates,

In several weeks, you will have your TKT exam, and I am glad to see that you have started studying. Please check out the great games that Sandra has created and uploaded onto her blog. I hope to see many such study tools. Remember that when you transform the knowledge, you make it your own.

I am looking forward to seeing your creativity.

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Writing Workshop begins January 11

Captura de pantalla 2016-01-07 a las 12.20.34 PM

As planned, our writing workshop will begin tomorrow, Monday, January 11. For past TKT candidates who have now become certified, this workshop is a great hands-on way to keep up your English skills.

The course is being offered in the classroom, and online as well. In order to join us online, please send an inbox to Ellen’s email to find out how.

This is going to be fun!

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The new year: how I think and how I used to think.

To start the new year off on the right foot, I would like to share this post originally written by Shelley Wright in November 2012. As a high school educator in the US, Shelley has developed some pretty powerful learning practices you can investigate further on her blog.

This post is one taken from the 13 most read posts from 2012. All the posts listed on this page have been read by more than 4,000 people. They are all well worth reading. This particular featured post can be found at http://plpnetwork.com/2012/11/08/think/

In the post, Shelley discusses several important points:

  • homework
  • student compliance
  • student attitudes
  • evaluation politics
  • content and critical thinking skills
  • exams and marks,
  • use of technology

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MOOCs in the developing world – Pros and cons

Several of the challenges cited by sceptics in raising the international profile of MOOCs – how to prevent cheating and improve completion rates, for example – are identical to those faced by Western educators.

Source: www.universityworldnews.com

An interesting read to consider MOOCs, modular open online courseware.

With so many cultural considerations in different countries, and the difficulty many of us have to get online, MOOCs are something to think about. Unfortunately, professional development with a MOOC is not taken into consideration by my university tenuring system…something to think about……..

See on Scoop.itI can do this, even with technology.

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Interactive Writing Workshop

Due to popular demand, the Writing Workshop will be offered twice-a-week over a three week period.

When: Mondays and Thursdays from 4-6 during January.
Where: in our new location, Inchataro 128, catty-corner from the Seminario on the road Rey Tanganxoan up to Santa Maria.
Start date: January 11 to January 28.
Cost: $500. Centro Eva’s low prices continue

The workshop will provide online assistance for those participants who are interested in further drafting.
Participants can advance as much as they want to in the time frame of the workshop.
After the workshop, those participants who would like to continue can advance to the International Writing Exchange, where you can put your writing into practice and receive feedback from other participants around the world.

For more information, call 443 102 4808 or write an email to educatingellen@gmail.com.

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How does knowing about your learning styles help you to be a better teacher?

Hello TKT Candidates,

If we look back at the different sections we have studied in our diploma course, we can see that we have progressed from a very wide knowledge base about how people learn language to how to teach language. On the way we have had a moment or two to do some self-study about our own learning preferences so we can understand better how our students process the information we share with them.Captura de pantalla 2015-11-27 a las 6.28.16 AM

Our next task will be to examine and compare the many different approaches we can use to help our students learn.

Before we can really do that in depth, I would like to be able to have all of you compare your own learning styles and intelligences and reflect about how you learn. I am looking forward to seeing your test results and reflections on your blogs.

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Who is the learner anyway?

Among the uses of a blog is to reflect upon the process of teaching and learning. As we hear the catch words of the day: teacher centered classes, students centered classes, shifting the learning, taking control, and any other catch phrase that has found its way into our teaching vernacular, we might question what is really happening here. Kathy Fagan shares a reflection that we as teachers might all need to think about in our world of changing paradigms. in her blog Free Range ELT.

Read and keep thinking…and learning.

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