Literature Circles

literature circles

Reading is a complex activity and we know that many of our learners are not accustomed to reading in their first language, let alone reading in the target language. When we create a collaborative communicative context for students to work on subskills in the target language, we begin to promote not only reading subskills, but we also promote collaboration, speaking skills, writing skills and listening skills.

It is difficult to work with any language skill without integratiang it. Working with just one skill causes language to be unnatural and out of context with the other language skills. Literacy circles gives students authentic reasons to communicate, provides a supportive learning environment and breaks down the tasks that students must do in order to practice and become proficient at reading skills.

Look at the Literature_Circles written by past students of the TKT course.
What is your opinion of Literature Circles? Can they help promote reading in L1 or L2 in your learning/teaching situation? For foreign language learners are they especially helpful? Why? Think about these questions as you investigate more about Literature Circles. I recommend this video about L.Circles. The class that is represented in the video is in middle school and the students were not aware that they were being filmed.
Investigate the links included in the PPT for more information or conduct your own search.

And now the big question: How would you use them in your classes?


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  1. #1 by Franco on April 15, 2013 - 10:16 pm

    I think literature circles are very useful because, well being honest read something all by yourself is boring, and you start to get distract by everything and at the end, you don’t get the main idea from what you were reading, but with a group of people you can concentrate more because you have to participate, analyze, thinking and making a reflection of what you are reading, and the other advantage is that you get to know and discuss different opinions because each individual of the group has their own perception from what they read.
    And as a teacher the literature circles helps to identify the students that are participating and who’s not, and help the students to develop their skills.

    • #2 by I can do this on April 19, 2013 - 6:37 pm

      These are great reasons to use literature circles. have you posted this onto your own blog? It should be there too.

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