Course Writing Guidelines

Writing Guidelines for TKT Course

1. All written assignments which are sent as attachments must use 12 point font, Times New Roman. Anything else is artistic but not so easy on the eyes.

2. Indent the first line of each paragraph. Do not skip spaces between paragraphs.
3. Write your name, title of the course and the date at the top left corner. Write the title of the assignment centered on the page.

4. Set all margins at ragged right. Do not justify the margins, they are difficult to read and resemble legal documents, not thought-out reflections and essays. Make your work portfolio-receptive so you can add gradually to your portfolio as we progress through the semester.

5. Check all spelling and grammar mistakes carefully before you submit assignments. Your computer can help you if you set the language to English before you start writing. All portfolio essays and practical applications will have comments written on them. Feedback is important for growth. Feedback does not mean a lower grade but provides opportunities for growth.
6. Sometimes as writers we find someone who has stated exactly what we want to say. There are two ways to deal with this sharing of ideas:
-Paraphrasing: putting the ideas into your own words, and including your source of information in parenthesis at the end of the sentence or paragraph.
-Plagiarism: This is illegal. Do not copy. Give the original author credit for having thought of it first. Please follow APA formatting when writing your bibliography.

7. Length of posts. Make your post worthwhile reading. Use academic writing, use no shortcuts or abbreviations. Comment posts for discussion initially must be 75 words long.  Comments to the posts must contain at least 25 words. Length of essays: as long as you need to substantiate your information, point of view or position. Usually, writing rules dictate that a position should be supported by three supporting arguments or ideas, which are mentioned in the introductory paragraph and further explained in separate paragraphs in the body of the paper. The conclusion should repeat the thesis statement once again and leave the reader with a final thought. Remember that essay writing is an art in the English-speaking world and is something we teach eventually as English teachers.

8. Lineamientos adaptados del Departamento de Idiomas que deberán seguir los alumnos del TKT al escribir ensayos.

  1. Todas los ensayos deberán entregarse en la fecha indicada. No se recibirán trabajos extemporáneos sin penalización.
  2. Los ensayos deberán de tener el nombre del alumno, la fecha y la etapa de cada ensayo y de que se trate en la parte superior izquierda. Se escribirá a renglón seguido y no se usarán puntos en estas tres líneas.
  3. La fecha se escribirá en inglés como se indica: mes, día y año.        April 22, 2009
  4. El nombre del profesor, el numero del semestre (1st semestre, 2nd semestre etc.) y las siglas UMSNH deberán de escribirse en la parte inferior derecha de la página, a renglón seguido sin punto final.
  5. Los ensayos deberán escribirse a doble espacio tanto entre renglones como entre párrafos.
  6. Al principio de cada párrafo se dejará una sangría usando la tecla TAB.
  7. Los ensayos se escribirán en computadora con letra Times Roman de 12 puntos.
  8. Los márgenes superior e inferior serán de 2.5 cm. y los laterales de 3 cm.
  9. Los márgenes deben de estar alineado a la izquierda.
  10. los ensayos no llevarán portada.
  11. Los ensayos deberán guardarse en un portafolio con su proceso de reflexión.
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