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TKT Preparation Course

Did you know that a TKT preparation course is now being offered through UNEDEPROM?

  • earn valuable points for SEP and SE
  • learn active learning strategies
  • prepare for the TKT certification exams
  • apply TICS in English classes to make your classes more dynamic

These and more benefits await you in this double-focus diploma course.

More information on the poster.poster.TKT.SEP.2016

Todavía hay algunos lugares disponibles en la sesión que inicia el 3 de septiembre. Pueden apartar su lugar mandando un inbox a esta entrada o comunicando con UNEDEPROM o CEDEPROM 1 y 2.

Psssss. Pasa la palabra.

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Welcome to the TKT Course

You made it! You are about to embark on a journey that will help you be not just a well-prepared teacher to take the TKT exams, but also a great teacher with lots of tricks, tools and toys up his or her sleeve.

Welcome to the TKT Preparation Course I am very excited about starting a fresh semester with you.

TKT is a course and test about teaching English to speakers of other languages. In this course, you will not only be learning strategies to help you pass the test but you will also discover strategies, techniques and methods to improve your teaching.
You might end up shaking your foundations and at the very least, breaking your own traditions to let some new ones in.

Subscribe to the blog for any new posts or pages. In order to grow with this course you must participate in the post forums in an active and substantial manner. Please read the page Blogging Guidelines, located in a tab at the top of this page for details on how to post.

Substantial= 75 words initial post with minimum amount of grammar and spelling mistakes. 25 words minimum to reply to someone. Posting,”Good job!” will not make it here.

Special Requirements:
80% attendance to class session (presencial)
100% self-discovery work, essays, posts, and assignments, online or offline….you must embark on your learning journey
80% GPA on the three in-class exams

As part of the class, you will create your own blog which you will use in this class as your interconnected b-portfolio. Recommended: WordPress will walk you through the set up process. Set up your blog before class starts; you may use the link on the right of this page entitled Teacher Challenge; this is a step-by-step procedural to help you set up your blog.

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