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How does knowing about your learning styles help you to be a better teacher?

Hello TKT Candidates,

If we look back at the different sections we have studied in our diploma course, we can see that we have progressed from a very wide knowledge base about how people learn language to how to teach language. On the way we have had a moment or two to do some self-study about our own learning preferences so we can understand better how our students process the information we share with them.Captura de pantalla 2015-11-27 a las 6.28.16 AM

Our next task will be to examine and compare the many different approaches we can use to help our students learn.

Before we can really do that in depth, I would like to be able to have all of you compare your own learning styles and intelligences and reflect about how you learn. I am looking forward to seeing your test results and reflections on your blogs.


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A great class to watch

We can determine the identifying characteristics that make each class unique. In the process, we have even found several different methodologies in classrooms and lessons that might look just like yours.

In her post comparing a TEFL class online with her own suggestions, Adriana, a past TKT candidate, has shared a GREAT class that I recommend watching because it uses many motivational techniques that work. It is a task-based class, so the learning focus is centered on the students, not on the teacher, and involves the students on many levels.

Check out Adriana’s blog at

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Alternative to Learning Apps: Kahoots

Kahoot is a game-based digital platform. It can be used both to introduce topics and to check on learners’ understanding of a topic. As a coach, you can create your own quizzes to use in class. There are also lots of public options you can use. It is really interactive and fun to use in your classroom. To do it, you need to create an account. Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Open the link on the platform or go to the suggested app.

  2. Tap sign up if you don’t have an account.

    3. Tap Use as a teacher. Sign up with your email. Google is a good option if you have an account. Follow the steps and fill out all the required information. You will now have access to a massive selection of public kahoots, and have the option to create your own quizzes.

    4. Tap New K to create your own kahoot and tap quiz. Give your quiz a title and complete all required information. Tap OK, go. Finally, start adding questions to your quiz.

    5. When you have added all the questions, tap Save and I’m done. When you are ready to use your quiz, tap Play, choose your mode (teams or individual), and project it so learners can see the Game PIN.  Learners will need to open the app, so add the game PIN and name.

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Work Opportunity

If you would like to be:

  • trained in a new innovative teaching program
  • test your skills (getting paid obviously) using this innovation in the classroom
  • a teacher for a week in an exciting, novel, and new learning/teaching situation
  • have an opportunity of work afterward,

Please get in touch with me! Have I got an opportunity for you!

Good opportunities are always knocking on the door.

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