Blogging Guidelines

Blogging will be an integral part of our classwork.  This checklist,elaborated by beginning bloggers from the Advanced Writing Course at will help you stay on top of your blogging. 

Write respectfully:Human interactions are based on values, such as respect. Anything you write should be:
• concise,
• constructive,
• objective,
• sincere,
• in topic, and
• specific
in order to improve and help each other pursuing our common goal: writing academically in English as a second language.

Posts and comments should be polite, respectful, and encouraging. Feel free to share your own point of view and point out accuracy mistakes in our writing community.
Posts: minimum 75 words
Comments: 25 words with constructive feeback. “I agree with you” is not enough. Include why you agree and link your agreement to another thought.

Write accurately:Write in a correct way. Take care of grammar and mechanics. Grammar Focus: Proofread your posts before you upload. As a future teacher, you do not want any grammar, spelling or vocabulary mistakes in your blog. Anyone anywhere in the world can read them.

TIP: Prewrite your posts and comments in Microsoft Word so you can check your spelling and grammar before writing on the blog.

Vocabulary in Context: After each unit you should use the new vocabulary words from the presentation and the glossary in your posts. This will help you digest new information better.

After each unit you are invited to write a well-developed Reflective Blog Post to discuss the weekly topics covered in class: you may use the reflection questions guide at the end of each unit of your textbook. If possible, include an appropriate audio/video/media/vodcast/podcast. If you post an image, then provide attribution for your media. See this video from My Fitting Sites made by Jerry Bates for details.

Use Netiquette.

Keep your personal information private. Avoid using your last name.

Learning is a process. Enjoy it.

Blogging Evaluation will be based on the following rubric:

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