PRONI Group 1: Evidence and Practice

Units 11-14 Evidence and Practice

Now we are seeing how everything that we learned previously is fitting into place. By finding out how we learn ourselves, we can better understand how our students learn.

1. Do ALL the follow-up, reflection, discovery and practice activities for each unit. (Units 10-14).

2. As a response to Units 12, 13, and 14, investigate your own personal learning style.  Access these sites to find out what your personal results are:
How to Learn Learning Styles Inventory Test and Multiple Intelligences Test

The first site is based on percentages. Please bring them in with you next class. The second test is optional and is based on Howard Garner’s Learning Theory. Its results are very interesting.

3. (optional) Your anthology contains an expansion article from Unit 11 on pages 65-68 in your anthology. Note that many words from the glossary are used in these articles. When you talk about education, you should now be using these terms in your speech.

Units 1-4 Evidence and Practice

If you want to brush up on your own grammar, a great site for practice for you and/or your students is on the right side of this blog under the heading All TKT support, which will provide lots of practice for the TKT context.

If you need to review the parts of speech, here is a Web page that can help you.

Look at the post about Movie Segments to Assess Grammar. Look at some of the sample classes. Do you think this is an interesting way to learn grammar? Can you download the movies to your computer to take them to school? Try one of these or search on the Internet for other fun Grammar learning options.


To practice with the terminology from Units 1 & 2, search on the Internet for a good game you can create to help you learn the words in the glossary. Invent your own game or puzzle. You can use a puzzle-maker, (type in puzzle-maker) or consult Larry Ferlazzo’s  Best Sites for jeopardy, flash cards, games, or quiz-maker ideas. One of my personal favorites is

The idea is to provide a rich study context for everyone to study in a fun way. Once you create your study space, post your URL on the Grammar and Vocabulary Study Exchange. Make sure you include instructions.

If you have difficulties on the LearningApps site, check out Kahoots.


Practice using the IPA
Choose a section in this Google document and write your name in the small section. Write a complete sentence about something you learned in Unit 3 using the IPA Typewriter. You may find this typewriter here.

Use the glossary vocabulary to form your sentence. Post it into one of the spaces on the Google Doc. Compare and decipher what other people have written. Can you correct any errors? Write the English version and any corrections in your classmates’ boxes.


Finish the matrix in your anthology.

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