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Introductions please!

Hello TKT Candidates.

Introductions are usually the means by which we meet each other and get to know about our fellow participants. Please introduce yourself using audio or video. You will create your first digital artifact: a 321 introduction. The purpose of this first digital artifact is to let us know more about you.

1. Choose any of these tools to create your introduction:

2. With this digital tool, create a presentation that includes:

  • 3  things we should know about you, including why you are taking this course
  • 2  of your favorite activities in the world  or something you are passionate about
  • 1  dream job you would have if you weren’t a teacher

3. When your 3,2,1 digital introduction is completed, please submit it by following either one of these instructions:

  • If you are having difficulties creating your blog on WordPress, you may post a link to your digital artifact in a comment box. At the bottom of this post you can find the comment box. You can write: Hi everyone, this is Fulana and this is my link for my introduction:
  • OR, you can put it directly into your own blog.

About your course materials:

  • Your anthology and glossary will be provided for you by CEDEPROM
  • The TKT books will be on sale at CEDEPROM

I am looking forward to working with you, Ellen

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